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Benefits of Buying a House in Malad Mumbai

March 17, 2020 | Silky Malhotra

Benefits of Buying a House in Malad Mumbai

The real estate market in Malad has undergone rapid growth in recent years. In fact, 2015-2016 witnessed a 30% rise in the property rates in Malad. This is good news for the investors, as it implies that home here can help to earn a high resale value. Putting the home on rent can also attract plenty of tenants who would pay a lump sum amount of money to stay here. As property prices are on a rising trend, it is expected that rental returns would also rise. Thus, if you are an investor seeking a new home for commercial use, one in Malad would be profitable.

One of the main factors behind the high demand for homes in Malad among the home renters is a well-developed commercial sector in Mumbai. Mumbai comes with a number of corporate hubs that house leading companies from various sectors. Malad lies well-connected to them, offering great employment opportunities. This is not only an advantage for investors as it attracts home renters but also for those seeking a home for personal use. The dense population of Mumbai has facilitated the growth of the business by providing a good market.

The city boasts of excellent social amenities, with a number of reputed schools and colleges. Mumbai also houses some of India’s best hospitals, offering reliable healthcare facilities. Other amenities such as banks, restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, etc. are also available within easy access. Malad offers seamless connectivity to the other parts of Mumbai as well. This makes it a prime investment destination for home buyers and investors alike. It is an exciting opportunity to invest in the area and earn excellent returns on investment. 

Auris Serenity

Located in Malad, this housing complex offers homes in a wide variety of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK formats. The prices too vary largely within a range of INR 2.27 crore and INR 4.40 crore. This would allow buyers to pick from a wide range of options a home that meets their requirements and budget. With 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools, 2 large clubhouses and a gym, this complex offers an envious lifestyle. Auris Serenity is spacious and luxurious, with large windows offering extensive views of the sea. If you are seeking a lavish lifestyle full of comfort and amenities, you should buy a home here as soon as possible.

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